Become a Vote Ward Leader!

YOU are the best person to make sure your community is registered and ready to vote.

VOTE New Bedford is a non-partisan effort that believes we can all make a difference in our democracy by inspiring more Americans to make their voices heard at the ballot box. The work begins in our communities — neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend — we can start a conversation about our rights and responsibilities in shaping our democracy. Namely, the responsibility of registering and voting. Just imagine what is possible if we all made our voices heard in every election. In order to work towards this goal, we need YOU.

Are you ready to organize your friends, family, and community around getting registered and ready to vote? Sign up to be a VOTE Ward Leader!

VOTE Ward Leaders will have opportunities to:

  • Join exclusive trainings and briefings
  • Get access to coaching, tools, and resources to build their Crew
  • Be part of a citywide community of highly motivated organizers working to make sure that everyone participates in our democracy


Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

Recruit at least three people to your VOTE Crew from your Ward.

Your first step is to get at least 3 other motivated people who want to join your Crew signed up. This could be close friends, co-workers, neighbors, workout buddies, church friends, family — really anyone who is ready to help register and engage voters!

Step 2:

Sign up for a monthly call with VOTE New Bedford Committee. (And some special guests!)

To stay connected with the VOTE New Bedford crew, we will be hosting monthly committee calls to provide resources, strategies, and share updates. We may even have some special guests join us!

Step 3:

Commit to one monthly action in your community and/or online.

We are partnering with local organizations across the country in order to make the biggest impact in your community — the work is too important to do alone. Each month, we will assign a local action for you and your squad to take the next steps towards getting more people registered and ready to vote. If this feels new to you, don’t worry! We will be there with you every step of the way.

Step 4:

Join the VOTE Ward Leaders online community!

Our citywide network of Leaders will have exclusive access to an online community of highly motivated organizers. Once you sign up and are verified, you will be invited to this online community to share best practices, have direct access to ask questions, and get the training and resources you need.

Get started

Sign up to be a VOTE Ward Leader!

Need some more info before signing up? Download our VOTE Crew Starter Guide.

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